La Luna Yoga 


Nice to meet you! My name is Luisa and my yoga journey began during my backpacking trip in asia a few years ago. After I wanted to deepen my own practice and get to know myself better and therefore I started my yoga teacher training course in spring of 2020, where I accomplished my RYS 200 h Vinyasa Ashtanga Teacher Training in Ubud, Bali.

During my training I realized that teaching yoga fulfills me more than I would have ever imagined and this is why I want to share the pure bliss and balance that came into my life through yoga with you. Because there is so much more potential in all of us than we think and every single day we get the opportunity to decide consciously how we want to create our life.

Beginning of 2021 I finished my meditation teacher training and I am looking forward to guide you through your meditation and support you with your mindfulness practice. To me mindfulness and gratefulness have been an outstanding game changer and I did realize lots of positive shifts in my life through cultivating both habits.

A second passion of mine is weightlifting/body building which I do on a regulary basis since 2015 and together with my yoga practice I created a well balanced physical routine. Due to my severe scoliosis, a lateral spinal curvature, I learned to appreciate already in my early teenage years on how important health is to everyone of us and that this is something we should not take for granted and work on it daily. Thereby, it is my concern to especially support people who are physically restricted in a certain way and to improve their well-being.

Please always remind yourself that yoga is not onyl for those who are exceptional flexible, absolutely not - yoga is for everyone!

In the course of time I have outgrown myself and would like to pass this great feeling of achieving things that were thought to be impossible to others. If we have faith in ourselves and the courage to change something, we can achieve incredible things!

 You do not just wake up an become the butterfly - growth is a process.