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How did I get into Breathwork?

On my trip through Asia, I spent a week in Thailand at a retreat center that offered yoga as well as breathwork. I have always been interested in various spiritual techniques and I attended this course with an open mind and without really knowing what was in store for me.

What happened next surpassed all my expectations and I had never experienced such a strong connection in any meditation or anything like that. Basically, you can never predict what to expect from a breathwork session, because it is always a very special experience.
But one thing is for sure, the body only lets "come up" what is allowed to come to the surface and what you are ready for and after each individual session you feel a bit freer and more peaceful.

I have already been able to dissolve many things for myself, bring more clarity and joie de vivre into my life and always make a wonderful journey to myself.

Breath is your own medicine. Become your own healer.


Breathwork is a breathing technique that allows you to easily immerse yourself in a deep meditation or trance state. Breathing is done in a specific pattern over a period of time and this allows you to experience transformations on a physical, emotional and mental level.

The effects of ordinary meditation are usually significantly enhanced and sometimes difficult to put into words. Breathwork is an excellent way to let the inner critic and his thoughts pause for a moment and thus, for example, to allow the subconscious to process and let go of experienced emotions and events that we otherwise usually forget in our everyday life.

Through breathwork you can

  • Increase self-love and connection
  • more clarity and creativity
  • Strengthen intuition and mindfulness
  • Activate an improved immune system and self-healing powers
  • regulation of your nervous system
  • Release limiting beliefs, fears and blockages/traumas
  • Release of suppressed and unlived emotions
  • Connection with you and the Higher Self
    Relief from stress and inner turmoil

Book your Breathwork Session


As soon as you have registered for a breathwork session (in a group or 1:1), I will send you a document with further information to prepare. This is generally about your personal state of health and how you can, for example, prepare your environment for the session so that you can fully let go. At the beginning of each breathwork session there is a small introduction to prepare you well for your unique experience. Then we start with the active breathing part, which lasts about an hour and consists of active breathing and a wonderful final relaxation. Afterwards you will still have time to write down and share what you have experienced and your thoughts, if you want to.

Group events can be found here and if you would like a private breathwork session please contact me.

You can not create a new future while holding on to the emotions of the past. - Dr. Joe Dispenza